Carlo Salvatelli

Skill . Creativity . Passion

Made in Italy Since 1975

The story starts from a home laboratory, like all the best success novels. It was 1975 and Carlo Salvatelli, with experience accumulated as self-made man and with typical passion only authentic artisans have, begins to execute a cared and loved bag with a small limited production.

Father and son together, generations in tight contact contaminating and moulding in the artisan product and new techniques. Never taken for granted, the Carlo Salvatelli bag is fine and shows both quality and functionality: a sensual feminine fashion for real objects of desire.
Each and every working process of the product is made in Italy, in the Marche region, the most prestigious artisan district in the world.
Designs and original forms, prestigious leather hides, personalised metal accessories, sewing and traditional workmanship are the factors which give quality “at first glance” and ownership of a bag Carlo Salvatelli.